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Type your paraThe ECL-LYNX-M uses your vehicle battery for power, making it a perfect portable security DVR for taxis, trucks and other types of transportation. It's easy to install and comes with a cigarette lighter adapter that connects to the vehicle's auxiliary power output.

Auto-Record, Manual Record

This portable DVR features automatic and manual recording. When an accident occurs or if  the g-force sensor detects an unusual stop or start (acceleration/deceleration), the DVR automatically detects the event and begins recording. Video captured can be valuable.  Recording can also be initiated manually by the driver or anyone inside the vehicle.

Save & Archive Video

Video files aren't much use unless you can do something with them. The removable SDHC card design makes record keeping a snap. When a run or a shift is complete, merely remove the card and replace it with a blank, then download the video on the card at your convenience. The LYNX-M can handle regular SD cards and high capacity SDHC cards (we recommend SDHC due to the large size of video files).

Free software (included) lets you play the video and see important vehicle factors like speed, course (using Google map overlay), direction, g-forces and more. You can, of course, search video, FF and reverse, and perform other functions common to most DVR video software.graph here.